The Beat Generation
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The beat generation began due to the lack of personality and creativity after WW2. Most Americans decided to settle down and “conform.” Living the ideal susburban lifestly was considered mainstream. But the beatniks wanted difference. They wanted individuality and to express the personality and imagination of life.

 During the beat generation there was not much going on history wise. The economy was booming and people were enjoying their cookie cutter lives in the suburbs, and that is precisely why the beatniks wanted to stand out.

The Beat Generation was important because it allowed the youth to rebel against the government and what they didn’t believe.  It allowed people to stand up for what the believed in rather than following social norms and agreeing with the majority rather than having an opinion.

During the same time period as The Beat Generation the civil rights movement was going on. Blacks were struggling to make equality amongst all races a social norm. Through the love of Rock N Roll and other strong influences of the Beat Generation Americans were able to cross the lines of racial discrimination and enjoy their lives together.